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Terms & Conditions


Payment Methods Limo constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and ACLS, and represents your acceptance of “ACLS” Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

Terms & Conditions

The use of this website is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Once you have confirmed a reservation with us, you are legally bound to a contract with us.
  2. Links to other websites might be available on this website and its blog in order to provide our clients with useful and additional information. ACLS does not accept any responsibility for content, the accuracy of information or the activity of the linked websites.
  3. Linking to this website from any other websites is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from ACLS.
  4. The content of this website is legally protected and includes reserved copyrights. Copying any content can lead to serious criminal charges. If you are interested in our texts, web design, layouts, pictures etc. contact us directly at .
  5. ACLS has the right to change or remove any part of the Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice.
  6. ACLS is fully licensed both as a travel agency and as a transportation company, therefore complying with all the enforcing regulation required by the Greek Government.
  7. ACLS is protected by its public liability transportation insurance mandatory in Greece for all licensed transportation companies.
  8. Entrances fees of Archaeological Sites/Museums are not included in the offered prices.
  9. The offered price of the service does not include lunch, gratuities, or other client personal expenses except otherwise stated.
  10. The sequence of the Sites mentioned in the itinerary of the pre booked service may be subject to chance, due to reasons beyond our control.
  11. ACLS operates daily inspections on the vehicles and
  12. Please be advised that legal speed on Greece’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries. The standard legal speed on Greek motorways is 130 Km (80 miles per hour). Your chauffeur will safely obey the legal speed as electronic speed checks are implemented throughout by the state to catch speeders.
  13. IMPORTANT: If legal driving speed makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to inform your driver, and if it is safe to drive at a lower speed your driver will oblige. It is important to note that driving far below the speed recommended by Greece state troopers (120-130 km) can become a traffic hazard as other vehicles try to overtake slower moving vehicles.
  14. Our vehicles are regularly maintained for optimal safety and performance at "" "" that are up to industry standards. By booking any services via this website you accept that vehicles are mechanical objects subject to various unpredictable malfunctions that can happen unexpectedly during your service. At no time will you hold ACLS responsible or liable for any vehicle malfunctions mechanical or otherwise or issue public complaints for matters beyond our control.
  15. By submitting your booking request you accept our Terms & Conditions